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Organize your transcript backlog and connect with 5-star rated scopists and proofreaders and become a page-producing powerhouse. 

Get organized, hire help, and collaborate.  All in one place.

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Schedule time with a product specialist.


Find reputable professional scopists and proofreaders with confidence on the Stenovate’s job boards.

Don’t forget to check out their Stenovate profile to find their rate sheets AND ratings and reviews! 🤩


Collaborate with new teammates OR bring your current scopists and proofreaders into Stenovate’s transcript management platform.  Prioritize jobs by due date, share large files, track progress, and communicate efficiently.


Save time and make up to 30% more when you work with scopists and proofreaders on Stenovate.


How to Find Reliable Help

Finding reliable scopists and proofreaders shouldn’t be an impossible task. That’s why Stenovate was custom-made to help court reporters meet their match with our community of transcript professionals. 

You can find 5-star rated scopists and proofreaders on Stenovate. Here’s how:


  • Sign up for your Stenovate FREE TRIAL.
  • Add a profile picture, bio, and preference sheet to your profile.
  • Post your request for help on either the Scopist or Proofreader job board.
  • Email notifications are sent to the Stenovate community promoting your job.
  • Read reviews (NEW!), negotiate rates, share job details and files, track progress, and communicate efficiently.
    All on Stenovate.

NEW! Ratings and reviews have just been added to Stenovate user profiles. 

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Transcript Dashboard

View your workload and the status of all jobs, at a glance. Each job is represented by the individual cards.

Job Workspace

Each job has an individual workspace where your transcript team can find all job details and collaborate efficiently.

Upload Files

Easily share CAT files, audio, exhibits and other helpful docs with Stenovate’s drag-and-drop file sharing.

Track Progress

Keep everyone on the same page by assigning tasks or specific pages to your teammates and reduce unnecessary communication, eliminating the need to “check in.”

Post to Job Boards

Looking to build your team? Professional court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders can find each other on the Stenovate job boards.

all-in-one transcript management

Streamline Your Workflow

Have your team in place? Check out Stenovate’s transcript management platform and produce more pages in less time by rolling your favorite tools into one. Replace Excel, DepoBook, Facebook groups, email, Dropbox, and more!


  • Organize transcript and job details.
  • Share large CAT files, audio, exhibits, and other helpful docs.
  • Prioritize jobs by due date.
  • Bring your team and/or find new transcript teammates.
  • Track progress with real-time notifications.
  • Collaborate efficiently with just one tool.


What People Are Saying

“I’m a business woman, and I know how much money I want to make this year.  Using Stenovate with my team allows me to focus on the work I love:  reporting.  Subscribing to Stenovate was a wise investment for me to attain my bottom-line annual income.”

Saba McKinley, RPR, CSR, CRI

Freelance Stenographer & CART Captioner at Divine-Scripts Captioning, Inc., California

“Trying to do all of this by hand, I was constantly fighting the rush of trying to get in transcripts before the last second possible.

The other day, as I was turning in a job, I realized that I am now TWO DAYS ahead of production schedule. Stenovate gave me TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom.”

I feel like I finally have a grasp on what work-life balance really can be like.”

Mike Hensley, RDR, President of CCRA

MPH Stenography, California

“After Stenovate launched, I put it to the test.  I took depos five days a week and gave every job to my scopists.  I even found a few of them on Stenovate’s scoping job board.

I made more money in that month than I ever had before.  Stenovate empowered me to do that.”

Meghan Minnick, RPR, CSR

Freelance Stenographer, Missouri

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