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Winning with Scopists & Proofreaders


Working with scopists and proofreaders can supercharge your earning potential and allow you to focus on the work you love — reporting.  When you find the right transcript team (that’s you and your go-to scopist and proofreader), you can double your profit per hour.


As we enter a post-COVID world and transcript work ramps up again, having the right team in place will be critical to for maximizing your productivity while maintaining a solid work-life balance. Don’t wait until you’re under a deadline to start building these important relationships.  Now is the perfect time to build your transcript dream team.


However, finding the perfect match can feel like a daunting, if not impossible task.  Where do you look?  How can ensure someone will deliver to the same level of quality that you expect of yourself?


That’s why Stenovate’s free, 3-part email course takes you through tried-and-true techniques for finding, vetting, and managing scopists and proofreaders.  Plus, tips and tricks for efficient collaboration and ultimately, making money.


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What we’ll cover in the course:
  • Lesson 1:  How to Find, Vet, and Hire Scopists and Proofreaders
  • Lesson 2:  How to Manage Your Transcript Dream Team
  • Lesson 3:  The Financial Benefits of Delegating

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