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“I’m a business woman, and I know how much money I want to make this year.  Using Stenovate with my team allows me to focus on the work I love:  reporting.  Subscribing to Stenovate was a wise investment for me to attain my bottom-line annual income.”
Saba McKinley, RPR, CSR, CRI

Freelance Stenographer & CART Captioner at Divine-Scripts Captioning, Inc., California

“After Stenovate launched, I put it to the test.  I took depos five days a week and gave every job to my scopists.  I even found a few of them on Stenovate’s scoping job board. I made more money in August than I ever had before.  Stenovate empowered me to do that.”
Meghan Minnick, RPR, CSR

Freelance Stenographer, Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Enjoy 30 days, totally free, to explore all Stenovate has to offer.  No commitment.  No contract.  Cancel anytime before your free trial ends, and you won’t be charged.  We’ll even remind you on the platform and via email before your trial expires.

Who pays for Stenovate?

Until now, everyone has paid for themselves.  Each user can add all of their own transcripts, whether their clients/teammates are using Stenovate or not, making it easy to organize your entire transcript-based business from one tool.  Plus, scopists and proofreaders can utilize the job boards to find new work opportunities.  In other words, everyone benefits from and is responsible for their own account. We’ve recently started to offer team plans as well.  Contact us if you’d like to purchase seats for your transcript teammates.

Will you remind me before my free trial ends?

Of course!  We want you to stay because you love Stenovate, not because you forgot the free trial end date.  Seven days before your trial ends, you’ll see an in-app banner when you log in, reminding you your trial is ending soon.  We also send an email reminder.  We’ve got your back!

I heard Stenovate has an awesome referral program.  Is it true?

It really is.  Want free Stenovate?  Receive a free month for every friend, teammate, or colleague you refer.  There’s no limit for how many referrals (aka – free months) you can receive.  Sign up and go nuts! 

What happens if I cancel my account?

If you cancel during your free trial, you won’t be charged when your free trial ends.  If you cancel after your free trial, you’ll no longer be charged, and you’ll lose access to your account at the end of your billing cycle. 

Still have questions?

Schedule time with a Stenovate product specialist to answer any questions or even enjoy a personal demo.  We’re happy to help!