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“I’m a business woman, and I know how much money I want to make this year.  Using Stenovate with my team allows me to focus on the work I love:  reporting.  Subscribing to Stenovate was a wise investment for me to attain my bottom-line annual income.”

Saba McKinley, RPR, CSR, CRI

Freelance Stenographer & CART Captioner at Divine-Scripts Captioning, Inc., California

I would highly recommend Stenovate! I have been using this platform for close to two months and love it!

It’s very easy to navigate. I have been approached by several reporters and done many jobs, and the ease of the site to get work is above board!

With their 30-day free trial, you have absolutely NO reason not to give it a try!

The staff is responsive to your questions and very pleasant to deal with!  From a scopist’s point of view, I know you will be pleased! Please come join the fun!

Diana Huffman

Scopist, West Virginia

“So far I have accepted 15 jobs totaling 2,271 pages.  Stenovate makes it easy to find new clients, and I have had more offers than I could accept.
The interface and workflow is great too.  Deadlines are clearly marked.  The reporter can upload files for the scopist who, in turn, can upload files for the proofreader.
Stenovate also seems to attract a more reliable pool of professionals so you are less likely to have any mishaps that might otherwise occur if you were getting your jobs elsewhere, such as Facebook.”
John Millet

Proofreader, California

“Trying to do all of this by hand, I was constantly fighting the rush of trying to get in transcripts before the last second possible.

The other day, as I was turning in a job, I realized that I am now TWO DAYS ahead of production schedule. Stenovate gave me TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom.”

I feel like I finally have a grasp on what work-life balance really can be like.”

Mike Hensley, RDR, President of CCRA

MPH Stenography, California

“After Stenovate launched, I put it to the test.  I took depos five days a week and gave every job to my scopists.  I even found a few of them on Stenovate’s scoping job board. 

I made more money in August than I ever had before.  Stenovate empowered me to do that.”

Meghan Minnick, RPR, CSR

Freelance Stenographer, Missouri

“I just have to say I’m loving having everything in one place. Time is money in our business, and so much of it can be wasted searching for exhibits, special instructions, spellings that I know I was already given. In the past, I’d be searching through texts, Dropbox files, and email but no more of that!

I also really love the dashboard where I can see what’s due when, at a glance. This helps for planning purposes when accepting new jobs as well.”

Ann Gilcrease, Scopist

AG Scoping, Texas

“As someone who is still newer to the profession, I absolutely love having a platform like Stenovate.  All of my jobs are organized and can be found in one place.

There are so many great features for scopists, from being able to see deadlines in real time, to keeping track of how many pages I have left to scope for each job, it has truly been a life saver.  Not only that, I am able to connect with court reporters and find jobs that are available.

I also love that the developers are constantly listening to us and upgrading/adding features. It has been worth the money so far and I am very happy I decided to join the Stenovate community.

Heather Dietz

Scopist, Ohio

I struggled to create a system to track all of my transcripts, the status of each, the scopist and proofreader, etc.

I did a Google search hoping to find something to help, and I landed on Stenovate.  I love it!

I subscribe to a multiple-user package that includes my scopists and proofreaders.

Stenovate has taken a lot of pressure off me. I highly recommend it.”

Terri Beckham

Freelance Court Reporter, Tennessee

“I love Stenovate.  It has allowed me to organize my files and finally figure out my production level.”

Mark Brickman, RPR, CSR

Freelance Stenographer, California

“Stenovate facilitates collaboration between everyone working on transcripts, from having the ability to upload exhibits and caption pages to a page for verified spellings, so I can make sure the jobs are right as rain.

Everything is in one place and conveniently grouped by job, so you don’t have to hunt around and waste precious time. 

The site is user friendly and Stenovate’s support is quick to get back to you with any questions or concerns.”

Ari Crickenberger

Proofreader, North Carolina

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