The Ultimate Preference Sheet

Let your scopists and proofreaders know what you want.
court reporter creating grammar and punctuation preference sheet

This simple, but powerful tool helps you organize and communicate your grammar, punctuation, and style preferences for clean, consistent transcripts. Every time. 💪

While we all know there are hard-and-fast grammar and punctuation rules for transcripts, there are also many preferences that are not so black and white.

When working with scopists and proofreaders, it’s important to communicate your grammar, punctuation, and style preferences, so you always come out with a clean, consistent transcript.

How to get your
Ultimate Preference Sheet
  1. Take the preference “quiz”.
  2. Immediately receive your custom-built preference sheet via email.
  3. Share with your scopists and proofreaders.
  4. Get the consistency you crave. 🎉

Ever wonder how your preferences stack up?
Click here to get the Ultimate Preference Report and see how nearly 300 court reporters have answered this quiz. 


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