Stenovate Master Class

Time Management
for Transcript Professionals 

Running a transcript-based business takes a lot of time and energy.  Being able to execute efficiently is critical for maintaining work-life balance, especially with the high demand for your specialty services. 

With transcript work ramping up again and counsel becoming more comfortable with web conferencing plus the torrent of new cases COVID has created, income potential is increasing…but the hours in your day are not!

That’s why Stenovate’s free, 7-part email course walks you through the critical elements that will maximize your personal and professional productivity so you can crush your page and profitability goals.

Looking for a mental productivity reboot post-COVID?  Whether you’ve never taken a time management course or just need a little refresher, Stenovate has you covered.


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  • Insider tips and tricks from the Stenovate team to supercharge the hours in your day


What we’ll cover in the course:
  • Lesson 1:  Settings Goals
  • Lesson 2:  Prioritizing
  • Lesson 3:  Scheduling & Planning
  • Lesson 4:  Setting Boundaries
  • Lesson 5:  Getting Organized
  • Lesson 6:  Delegating (like a boss)
  • Lesson 7:  Beating Procrastination (for good)

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