Why You Want To Be a Stenovate Beta Tester

Written by Stenovate

July 31, 2019

Do you love court reporting? How about being super productive and awesome?? Do you LOVE trying out new things and sharing with all of your friends, especially if it makes their lives easier!? #SharingIsCaring

If ANY of these things sound like you, then read on, friend! We’re calling all innovators, trendsetters, and transcript superstars: We want YOU to be a Stenovate beta tester! After all, you were clearly born for this.

With just DAYS left before our beta launch, we are looking for a few more eager and insightful reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to be part of our invite-only Early Access launch. Each beta tester will be allowed to invite up to 5 colleagues to join them, bringing the maximum beta tester count to 120.

We’re searching for Proven Go-Getters to gather the best feedback possible. How do you become a PGG?! It’s actually super easy. Just invite your transcript friends. We even created a how-to guide to show you how (see below). The top 20 people who refer the most colleagues get all the perks of early access, including early-adopter pricing!

First things first…Join the Waitlist
Then…Learn how to refer friends

There are a whopping 500+ people signed up for Stenovate’s waitlist, but only 18 have gone the extra mile to refer friends. And they really went the extra mile, referring over 100 people! That said, that means there are still TWO spots that would take just ONE referral to get the golden ticket!

“But what’s in it for me?”

You might be asking, “What’s so great about being a Stenovate beta tester?” Only EVERYTHING! For time’s sake, though, here’s a shortlist of why you’d love being a beta tester:

1. Boost Your Professional Knowledge and Skills

Any time you can gain a new skill set, you’re more valuable. We genuinely believe that within one year, people will be saying, “How did we live without this?” Just like any new technology, we often don’t know how great something is until we’ve seen and tested it. So start now. Be one of the first. If you already know and love the platform when we launch to everyone, you’ll have a competitive edge. Chalk it up as an advantage on your resume.

2. Lead Change – In a Big Way

While your feedback will definitely influence the direction of Stenovate (which is super exciting), you’re doing something way more impressive. You’re securing our professions. With the current labor shortage of reporters, Stenovate is striving to make outsourcing to scopists and proofreaders an absolute, hands-down no-brainer.

If you share ideas with our team that ultimately helps reporters spend less time doing homework and more time in the field, it’s a massive win for everyone: court reporters, scopists, proofreaders, agencies, attorneys  anyone who touches an accurate verbatim legal record. So give back to your community – with your brain!

3. Major ROI (Return on Investment)

We are building Stenovate so that reporting professionals can save time, be more productive, and earn more $$$. Eventually, the entire reporting world will know about Stenovate, but being a beta tester gives you a jump start on gaining productivity superpowers. It’s time to get your  transcripts  together.

4. It’s free…AND FUN!

Who doesn’t love free stuff!? Stenovate beta testers will get 30+ days of free access, PLUS super-exclusive, early-adopter pricing after the beta period is over. It’s our special thanks to you for your feedback and being part of this journey!

We also like to think we’re a pretty fun group. You’ll have a chance to interact closely with our team and other beta testers. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some amazing teammates in the process!

Become a Beta Tester Today

Does beta testing sound like a blast? Are you psyched about Stenovate? If so,

?Join the Waitlist

For your chance to become a beta tester. Right now, just ONE REFERRAL will put you in the Top 20. What’s there to lose? Let’s do this thing!

More Pages. Less Hassle.

Stenovate simplifies transcript management to help busy reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to produce more pages with less hassle.

All-In-One Transcript Management & Collaboration Platform

Designed for Individuals or Transcript Teams

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More Pages. Less Hassle.

Stenovate simplifies transcript management to help busy reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to produce more pages with less hassle.

All-In-One Transcript Management Collaboration Platform

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Track Progress from Start to Finish

Built for Individuals or Transcript Teams

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