Team up! How to Invite Friends to Stenovate and Earn Early Access Perks

Written by Stenovate

June 18, 2019

So you’ve signed up for the Stenovate waitlist. Trendsetter! Thank you for believing in what we’re doing. Exclusive early access is literally just around the corner, starting next month! We know you’re excited, and We. Are. Too. With early access, you’ll be the FIRST to try Stenovate as the trailblazers who will shape the future of the platform. We’ll rely heavily on your feedback to create Stenovate 2.0 and beyond. Plus, as a gift for your thoughtful suggestions, we’re offering*exclusive* early adopter pricing if you choose to subscribe. Now the question is: How do you gain early access to Stenovate ASAP? It’s super easy. Simply spread the word about Stenovate to your friends and colleagues! That’s it. The Top 20 people with the most referrals will win limited early access. Right now, you only need 1-2 referrals to reach the Top 20! -gasp- It’s still anyone’s game, but don’t wait to get started!

A Quick-Start Guide to Sharing Stenovate

1. Click “Check Your Position”

If you’ve already signed up for the waitlist at, click the orange Check Your Position button to pull up the Stenovate leaderboard. (If you haven’t signed up, the orange button will say Join the Waitlist).

2. Choose How to Share

On the Stenovate leaderboard, you’ll see four different ways to share:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Email
  4. Copy your unique URL

Click on one of the sharing buttons, or copy your unique URL to share on a different platform (For example: Facebook Messenger, email, text message, or your personal blog). Remember: Don’t just tell your friends, Go to Use the sharing buttons and/or copy your Unique URL from your Stenovate leaderboard. This is the ONLY way to get credit for referrals. Don’t be afraid to use all four sharing methods! We have plenty of room for friends at Casa Stenovate 🙂

3. Write a Compelling Message

Simply sharing your Stenovate link, without context, probably won’t do much. So include a message that sparks interest! This is also a chance to be creative  we’re always cleaning up other peoples words, but how often do we get a chance to use our own? The best way to write a compelling message is to explain why YOU signed up for Stenovate. Was it a specific feature that caught your interest? Tell everyone about it! Or are you just excited to save time and earn more money? Yeah, aren’t we all? #TimeIsMoney For example, take Lorraine Schneider (above), scopist extraordinaire and Stenovate’s number one fan (and number one on our waitlist). She posted this after a long phone interview where we asked Lorraine all about how she runs her scoping business. Then we showed her what we were building, and she saw the light. This one simple, honest post immediately catapulted her to the top of the waitlist.

Remember, you don’t need to sell other people on Stenovate. Just share why YOU decided to sign up, and your story will resonate.

Here’s another great example from Mike Hensley, who is holding down the #2 spot! He’s in a tight race with Lorraine for the top position. Will he pull ahead to numero uno!? The Stenovate team is taking bets.


More Tips on Sharing

Above are the basic steps on how to share your Stenovate link. Here are a few more tips for gaining referrals.

1. Invite Your Current Collaborators

Do you already work with other reporters, scopists, or proofreaders? If so, invite them to sign up! After all, Stenovate really is better together. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

2. Share in a Court Reporter Facebook Group

Court Reporter Facebook Groups are great ways to meet colleagues and share best practices. It’s also the perfect place to reach people that really need Stenovate. Share your unique URL in your favorite Facebook group, and don’t forget to share why YOU signed up! To share in a Facebook group, all you have to do is click the Facebook share button on the Stenovate leaderboard. Then, in the top left corner of the Facebook share window, click the dropdown and select Share in a Group. Find your group, write your message, and hit send! It’s that easy.

3. Just Start Sharing!

According to our statistics, 52% of shares lead to a referral. That means, on average, just one or two shares will put you in the top 20! You can share as often as you want, wherever you want. Spread the love and feel the love come back to you (in the form of exclusive early access and early adopter pricing).

Stenovate Launch is Just Around the Corner

Stenovate has been over one year in the making, and now it’s finally here. The waitlist contest ends July 20, which is FAST approaching! Stenovate’s goal is to empower the legal transcript community to do more in less time. Inviting friends and colleagues to Stenovate helps grow the community, which increases feedback, which allows for faster product improvements. Not to mention, the larger the community, the easier it will be to find your ideal collaborators! Thank you for helping spread the word! #BetterTogether

All our love,


More Pages. Less Hassle.

Stenovate simplifies transcript management to help busy reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to produce more pages with less hassle.

All-In-One Transcript Management & Collaboration Platform

Designed for Individuals or Transcript Teams

Centralize Job Information

Streamline Workflow

Reduce Wasted Time

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More Pages. Less Hassle.

Stenovate simplifies transcript management to help busy reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to produce more pages with less hassle.

All-In-One Transcript Management Collaboration Platform

Share Files with Ease

Track Progress from Start to Finish

Built for Individuals or Transcript Teams

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