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Welcome to the Stenovate Brand Ambassadors page!

We are so THRILLED and grateful that you opted in to help advocate for Stenovate, grow our community, and empower your fellow transcript professionals through our tools! 

Below you’ll find a variety of ways to easily and effectively educate and encourage others to give Stenovate a try so we can continue building you awesome new features and supporting you for years to come!

Wait.  What’s the goal?!


We love providing the tools that enable court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to connect and collaborate quickly and efficiently, so you can save time, earn more, and ultimately spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.

Our small team has HUGE PLANS (all driven by your user feedback) for improving Stenovate, including building highly-requested features (like automated invoicing and payment)! 🤩

But as a startup company with limited resources, Stenovate’s development and sustainability is entirely fueled by membership growth. 

In order to start the next big phase of Stenovate, we need 500 community members by May of 2023, which is why we need YOU! 

Current Trials

Current Members

Membership Goal


This is your opportunity to shine!  Below, we provide you with a variety of ways to educate and invite others to join the growing Stenovate community, so we can we can empower all transcript professionals to live their best lives!  Let’s get to it! 

Numbers Last Updated:  April 1, 2023

We just want you to like us.  Literally!  😂

Stenovate’s best tool for creating awareness has been social medial.  And there’s a reason everyone says, “Follow us on…” Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  It’s the ALGORITHMS!  

By simply liking or following Stenovate pages and Liking, Commenting or SHARING any Stenovate post you see, it prompts the magic math machines behind the scenes to show our content to more transcript professionals.

So whenever, wherever you see Stenovate, please give it a quick thumbs up, heart, quick comment, share, or ANYTHING that will tell the fancy algorithms that this content is good and important! 

Now here’s the hard part.  (Can you do it?!) 

Go follow / like us on each of our social platforms without getting distracted!  Then come back and keep on scrolling.  (There’s a lot of goodies here!)   

Challenge accept?! 

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Ambassador Referral Leaderboard

Check out these referral ROCKSTARS!!!  We want to celebrate the advocates of Stenovate who help move the needle and get us closer to the next big phase of Stenovate!  

If every current Stenovate member referred just three people, Stenovate would reach its membership goal and be able to begin new development immediately! 

Unfortunately, not every Stenovate member is a brand ambassador like you, but we have all the tools we need to educate, encourage, and empower our colleagues through Stenoate’s tools. 

Plus, each person you refer collectively makes the Stenovate community stronger through a wider network and more ratings & reviews for community vetting!  🤩 💪 

Stenovate Member Primary Job Title  Referrals
Debera Doran Court Reporter 4
Elizabeth Wiegner Proofreader 4
Rhonda Norberg Court Reporter 3
April Metzler Court Reporter 2
Saba McKinley Court Reporter 2
Jessica Warner Phipps Court Reporter 1
Monica Johnson Scopist 1
Autumn Cheek Court Reporter 1
Adam Bacud Court Reporter 1
Mary Burnham Court Reporter 1
Teresa Maciel Court Reporter 1
Reubelle Junio Scopist 1
Terri Beckham Court Reporter 1
Marlene Duron Court Reporter 1
Tori Schafer Scopist 1
Michelle Foster Scopist 1
Candice Andino Court Reporter 1
Michelle Carrillo Scopist 1
Rebecca Callow Court Reporter 1
Victoria Pittman Scopist 1
Christine Clark Court Reporter 1

Sharing on Social Media

The MOST EFFECTIVE Way to Grow Stenovate…
…also earns you referral credit (FREE months)! 

Most referral programs only offer credit if the people you refer become paying customers (after their free trial), but our program is more generous!  If someone clicks your referral link and proceeds to start a free trial, we automatically apply a free month to your account.  And, you climb the leaderboard! 

The video below shows you how to:  


  • Access Your Referral Page
  • View Total Referrals, Used Credits, Credits Left
  • Invite Friends & Colleagues through Email
  • Share Stenovate on Social Media (into specific groups that will increase your effectiveness & earn you more credits)

Facebook Groups & Sizes for Sharing

NOTE:  Stenovate, as a company, does not post into certain groups because the moderators do not allow advertisements.  As a brand ambassador, your message is different because you are spreading the word about a tool you love in hopes of helping others.  With that said, remember to be respectful of group rules, authentic, and have some fun while sharing about Stenovate!  Your energy will attract others! 

PRO TIP:  Your message will likely be well received if your message matches the topic of the group.  For example, posting in the “Scopist Praise” group when you’re happy with a teammate you found through Stenovate.  Even though you’re sharing about Stenovate, your message is still very much on topic, relevant, and respectful.  (In fact, it’s downright delightful if you’re giving credit to your awesome teammate!)  Happy sharing!

Speaking of Facebook Groups…

We created a Stenovate Brand Ambassadors Facebook Group so you can interact with the Stenovate team and other brand ambassadors.  This group can be useful for: 

  • Asking Questions
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Staying informed of Stenovate’s latest content & features, so you can share with others!

Social Media…For All You Creatives!


If you are anything like Stephanie Hicks (@MiasMom__ on Instagram) and have the ability (or want to learn) to create content that is witty, funny…or even remotely engaging, we’d LOVE to see what you’ve got!

Be sure to tag Stenovate on whatever platform you’re using!  We should be able to see anything you do, but feel free to also forward a link to your content to, so we can share it across our pages. 

Here are our Social Media Accounts: 

Facebook Page
Instagram (


  • Use YOUR referral link so you earn credit for anyone to starts a trial from your created content.  You can drop your link directly in the post (on Instagram) or in the caption area.
  • Use trending music
  • Use relevant hashtags (like Stenographer, Stenography, Scopist, Stenovate, Steno, Efficiency, Project Management, etc.)

FAST & EFFECTIVE:  Leave a Testimonial!

I’m a business woman, and I know how much money I want to make this year.  Using Stenovate with my team allows me to focus on the work I love:  reporting.  Subscribing to Stenovate was a wise investment for me to attain my bottom-line annual income.
Saba McKinley, RPR, CSR, CRI

Freelance Stenographer & CART Captioner at Divine-Scripts Captioning, Inc., California

“Trying to do all of this by hand, I was constantly fighting the rush of trying to get in transcripts before the last second possible.

The other day, as I was turning in a job, I realized that I am now TWO DAYS ahead of production schedule.  Stenovate gave me TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom.”

I feel like I finally have a grasp on what work-life balance really can be like.”

Mike Hensley, RDR, President of CCRA

MPH Stenography, California

“I just have to say I’m loving having everything in one place.  Time is money in our business, and so much of it can be wasted searching for exhibits, special instructions, spellings that I know I was already given.  In the past, I’d be searching through texts, Dropbox files, and email but no more of that!

I also really love the dashboard where I can see what’s due when, at a glance.  This helps for planning purposes when accepting new jobs as well.”

Ann Gilcrease, Scopist

AG Scoping, Texas

Leave a Testimonial

This is a quick win that only takes a few minutes!   

Testimonials that are positive, short, honest can have a HUGE impact!  Share why you love Stenovate and upload your favorite headshot.  Our Stenovate team uses testimonials across a variety of channels (website, social media, email, etc.)!

See the examples below, and here are a few ideas of what to talk about:

  • What Stenovate does for your personal organization (and mental headspace)

  • A favorite feature (the transcript view of all deadlines, the collaborative workspace, file uploading, job boards, ratings and reviews, notifications, etc.)

  • An awesome experience with Stenovate’s customer support

  • The amount of time you save by using Stenovate

  • The quality of the business relationships you’ve built within Stenovate

  • The increase in revenue you experience, etc!

Feel free to leave more than one testimonial on different topics.


Go LIVE w/ Lauren!


Stenovate has started hosting Facebook Lives several times a month, bringing in Stenovate power users to talk about why they love Stenovate.

If you’re an enthusiastic Stenovate fan who wants to communicate the importance of efficiency, teamwork, best business practices, or any other transcript-related topics, Lauren would LOVE to have you join her LIVE on Facebook.  

The live videos provide a fabulous opportunity to reach and engage with a wide audience and produce sound bites that can be circulated via social media, email, and other channels. 

Sign up, and let’s have fun educating and empower transcript professionals gogether! 


Have questions about being an ambassador?

 Reach out to us at   We’d love to help you however we can!