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Sign up for your 30-day free trial of Stenovate and you’ll be entered to win one of 12 amazing gifts.  Prizes include:

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1. Simply sign up for a 30-day Stenovate free trial anytime between now and December 31.

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Why try Stenovate?

The Ultimate Transcript Hub

Stenovate connects reporters, scopists, and proofreaders through our built-in job boards AND provides all the tools  you need to produce more pages in less time.    

  • Scoping & Proofing Job Boards
  • Organize Job Details & Deadlines
  • Transfer Files Safely & Securely
  • Communicate
  • Share Spellings
  • Update Progress (without texting or email)
  • Collaborate Efficiently with ONE Tool
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From our Founder


What Stenovate Customers Are Saying

I’m a business woman, and I know how much money I want to make this year.  Using Stenovate with my team allows me to focus on the work I love:  reporting.  Subscribing to Stenovate was a wise investment for me to attain my bottom-line annual income.
Saba McKinley, RPR, CSR, CRI

Freelance Stenographer & CART Captioner at Divine-Scripts Captioning, Inc., California

“Trying to do all of this by hand, I was constantly fighting the rush of trying to get in transcripts before the last second possible.

The other day, as I was turning in a job, I realized that I am now TWO DAYS ahead of production schedule.  Stenovate gave me TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom.”

I feel like I finally have a grasp on what work-life balance really can be like.”

Mike Hensley, RDR, President of CCRA

MPH Stenography, California

“I just have to say I’m loving having everything in one place.  Time is money in our business, and so much of it can be wasted searching for exhibits, special instructions, spellings that I know I was already given.  In the past, I’d be searching through texts, Dropbox files, and email but no more of that!

I also really love the dashboard where I can see what’s due when, at a glance.  This helps for planning purposes when accepting new jobs as well.”

Ann Gilcrease, Scopist

AG Scoping, Texas